Carla Aradelli


"Seeing my granfather that was a farmer and my grandmother, a cook, made me want to become a chef"


What made you want to become a chef?
Seeing my granfather that was a farmer and my grandmother, a cook, made me whant to become a chef. The autoproduction of everything I serve out to my costumers from raw material I selected  made me the chef I´m.

Who has influenced your cooking style or your philosophy on food?
George Cogny: a great cook, my great teacher.

What inspires you or where do you get your inspiration?
I´m inspired by the taste of food, the real food caught from the earth, and my dishes are linked to the earth too.

What is your favourite method of cookery or preparation?

I love make fresh pasta, it´s really relaxing for me.

What is your favourite ingredient?

What is your favourite kitchen tool?
My hand

What is your favourite section in the kitchen to work on during your apprenticeship?

I prefer the cooking section.

Where you like to eat out?
I love eat out in typical restaurant in which I feel the history of the place.

What would you like to see change with the cook schools?
In my opinion there is too much distance between the school and the real work of a cook.

Your advice to young chefs?
To young chef I suggest to find a little work during the school to practise themself.

What do you look for when hiring staff?
Passion and good will

What would you like to see change in the industry?
I would like to see real labels on food.

How do you deal with awkward guests?
I would try to talk to him to make sure that time passed in my restaurant would be positive to everyone.

What is your first memory of food that blew your mind?

The carrots in my grandfather’s garden

What is your favourite escape to relax?
My daughters

What drives your ambition?
The changes in myself drive the parallel changes of my work. The rest comes alone.

What is your signature dish?
Stuffed eggplant with Parmesan’s flan and truffle

How do you motivate your team?
With my consistency, I always do what I say, and that, I think, drive them to do their best.

How do you think restaurants should be rated?

In my opinion a restaurant should be rated according to its typicality, its feature and to what characterizes it respect to the others. Without rigid schemes and scores.

If you had to build the best kitchen team who would be in your kitchen all stars?
Gualtiero mMarchesi, Cerea´s brothers.