Espen Ramnestedt


"My father and two of my uncles where chefs, so I would say its in my blood"


What made you want to become a chef?
My father and two of my uncles where chefs, so i would say its in my blood.

Who has influenced your cooking style or your philosophy on food?
My first head chef Mr Erik Elnan, my childhood and the nature around me.

What inspires you or where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly travel and eating out in different cities around the world.

What is your favourite method of cookery or preparation?
Sous vide

What is your favourite ingredient?

What is your favourite kitchen tool?
My mandolin

What is your favourite section in the kitchen to work on during your apprenticeship?
I used to love the cold section

Where you like to eat out?
South Africa, New York, San Sebastian

What would you like to see change with the cook schools?
More up to date teachers and more time in practice

Your advice to young chefs?
Try as hard as you can, learn as much as possible and enjoy! Everyday is a new day full of inspiration and new wisdom.

What do you look for when hiring staff?
Personality and background

What would you like to see change in the industry?
More focus on local produce and more focus on the education system.

How do you deal with awkward guests?
Talk to them in a normal way to get their viewpoint and to explaine mine.

What is your first memory of food that blew your mind?
The first time I went to Bagatelle, a two star restaurant in Oslo. 

What is your favourite escape to relax?

What drives your ambition?
Feedback from my guest, the possibility to do what I love.

What is your signature dish?
My shellfish soup

How do you motivate your team?
By being a fair and understanding Chef

How do you think restaurants should be rated?
Service and quality of food

If you had to build the best kitchen team who would be in your kitchen all stars?
Erik Elnan (my first head chef), Kalle Hult (maybe the best chef I have ever worked with), Ane Eriksen (a very talented young chef), and Johnny Trasti (a good friend and a great chef)