Naim Hasnan


"My inspiration comes from my traveling and all the new ingredients I have discovered through different cultures and culinary art."

What made you want to become a chef?
At My early years after schools I was always fascinated by Ingredients and with this curiosity, I have developed to my love in cooking.  Somehow that’s Path bring me to become a chef today.

Who has influenced your cooking style or your philosophy on food?
My mum gets me the basic of cooking, that leads my divine food philosophy full of beliefs which extract the best that I can offer to my guest.
What inspires you or where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from my traveling and all the new ingredients I have discovered through different cultures and culinary art.

What is your favourite method of cookery or preparation?
I love all methods of cooking and preparations from frying to baking. Especially with new tools and new kitchen gadget.

What is your favourite ingredient?
My favourite Ingredients is Seafood and All Asians and Mediterranean spices.
What is your favourite kitchen tool?
My favourites cooking’s tools is sous vide cooker.
What is your favourite section in the kitchen to work on during your apprenticeship?
I have stayed in Hot Kitchen longer in my apprenticeships time so I must say I’m very comfortable with it. 
Where you like to eat out?
I like street-food and restaurant that offer authentic and popular cuisine with local and fresh ingredients.
What would you like to see change with the cook schools? 
Cooking is also an Art. Cooking schools must teach ancient geographical method preparing dishes along with modern cuisine with new utensils and products. From the combinations its will create student that understand a field of cuisine history and nutrition in different cultures following their geographical environmental living and local fresh ingredients. 
Your advice to young chefs?
Being a young chef have to be smart, hardworking and genius in decision making. At the end of the day, balance of life is always needed to be consider and never carried away with compliments. As ego can destroy young chefs.
What do you look for when hiring staff?
My staff must be humble, have passions in learning and open with challenges in Food industry. Never give up attitudes, and don’t panic is a must.
What would you like to see change in the industry?
I like to see new chef with new ideas and cuisine, it makes more international and richer than we do have now.

How do you deal with awkward guests?
A part of apologise to them I always explain that we need time to make it perfect and if the awkward guest understand it, they will come back and be our friends. There always days that not our day and admit it from our side and try to solve it softly.

What is your first memory of food that blew your mind?
The Famous Malaysian dish Nasi Lemak the smell of Coconut and Pandan leaves with mini anchovies and Sambal Sauce That’s irresistible!

What is your favourite escape to relax?
Beach is always on my top list and uncrowded places where I can spend time to figure out new inspiration.

What drives your ambition?
My wife and my family that always supported me.

What is your signature dish?
My signature dish is Legendary Mussel Laksa that win an award in Malaysia international Food gourmet festival.

How do you motivate your team?
I always like to make jokes and keep it real when things unmotivated

How do you think restaurants should be rated?
They should be rated by fresh ingredient, wonderful service and kitchen Brigades and The ideas they produce. 

If you had to build the best kitchen team who would be in your kitchen all stars?

Best kitchen needs a positive team, I encourage all members of my kitchen brigade as stars to enlighten the restaurant with their shining success.