""A mi madre, es sencilla y la quiero""


What made you want to be a head chef?

My father was a chef and we had a restaurant.


What is the first dish that struck a chord with you?

Chicken broth with tortellini.


Who has influenced you in your cooking style or philosophy?

Roger Verger


Who inspires you? Where does your inspiration come from?

The East.


What is your favourite cooking style?

Creative instinct.


What is your favourite ingredient?

Fresh produce from the market.


What is your favourite cooking utensil?

The saucepan.


What materials do you like for your pots and pans?

Any, as long as they are durable.


What would you like to change about the cooking schools? What advice would you give to young chefs?

More techniques and more classical style.


What do you look for when hiring staff for your restaurant?



How do you motivate your team?

With experience and passion.


What would you change about the catering world?

Remove anyone who serves poor food for money.


How do you react to difficult or impolite customers?

That's complicated; I try to make the impolite ones happy; I eject them.


Where do you go to relax?

My home.


What drives your ambition?

My family.


Which of your dishes makes you most proud?

Any of them that puts a smile on the face of a customer.


What is your favourite restaurant?

There are various.


Which current chef do you admire and why?

My mother. She's straightforward and I love her.


If you could create your cooking dream team, who would you choose?

Bocuse, Chapela, Lin, Ducasse, Roger Verger and me, of course.