7 unique Kitchen trick that will leave you with your mouth open

Knowing Kitchen trick is something that can make life much easier and easier in the twinkling of an eye. Some of them have been created by very important chefs. Who have patented them and created incredible recipes. Here we leave some of them:

Photograph of 7 unique Kitchen trick that will leave you with your mouth open

Kitchen trick: Making ravioli with a bucket 

There is a solution to make and shape ravioli even if the proper mold is not available. It is to make ravioli with a bucket, using it as if it were a mold or tray specially designed to make this type of stuffed pasta. It is as simple as expanding the dough on the ice cube and placing in each cubicle the filling of the ravioli. Thus we will have the measure to get the form.

Kitchen trick: Soak the onions to make them less spicy

Many people, the intense taste of onions, throw them back when preparing their dishes. If we soak it in cold water before using it will extract the sulfates and reduce the taste. Which makes them more tolerable.

Kitchen trick: The Perfect Cake

If you want to make a sponge cake and you are not following any recipe there is an unwritten rule that can be quite useful. It is based on that we must add the same amount in grams of flour, eggs, butter and sugar. In this way the sponge cake will always remain in the right place for flavor and freshness.

Kitchen trick: add a little salt whenever you cook it in the oven

It is not necessary to add much, but with half a tablespoon the flavors of the other ingredients and spices increase drastically. You can use the type of salt that you prefer. But do not forget to add it.

 Kitchen trick: to make the meat better when cooking it

To make the meat more tasty and juicy when cooking what we must do is to dry it with a napkin to remove excess water. Then we salted for a while before cooking and in the pan we should put little oil. We put the fire on a medium / high level and fry the pieces so that they do not pile together. In this way it will be more crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside.

Kitchen trick: put some vodka in the cake dough

Vodka is 60% water and 40% ethanol. When you cook it most of the alcohol will evaporate. So you will not know about vodka, but it will leave enough flavors to make it the best and most tender cake you have ever tasted. It can also be made with other alcoholic beverages such as rum or whiskey.

Kitchen trick: baking soda to soften the meat

Baking soda increases the alkalinity of the meat, which makes it more resistant to stiffness when cooking. But you have to be careful with the quantities and time that we use as it leaves a fairly strong flavor. It is advisable not to leave the bicarbonate in the meat for more than 15 minutes and, if it still preserves the flavor. We can counteract it with lemon juice.

Finally and to conclude, add that a great way to get these tricks. It is to have a good kitchen equipment complete and quality.