A material for each task in the kitchen

Choosing the perfect cooking utensils starts with the material.

Photograph of A material for each task in the kitchen
Each type of material - from aluminium to stainless steel - provides a different advantage and is suitable for different distinct cooking tasks. Bergner has a wide range of kitchenware, and a large variety of materials for all culinary styles and preferences.
Stainless Steel:
Stainless Steel is an exceptionally durable material that is virtually impossible to wear. Bonded with an aluminium capsuled bottom, it boasts satisfying heat conductivity.
Forged Aluminium:
Forged aluminium is the only material with extra thickness. This quality improves the uniform distribution of heat.
Carbon Steel:
Carbon Steel has great durability and heat retention capability. Once thoroughly heated, the heavy-duty carbon steel cookware retains heat for a very long time, saving you a great deal of energy.
Tri-Ply essentially brings three layers of materials (Copper, Aluminium and Stainless Steel) into one thick combination. Heat runs from the base to the rim keeping the entire pot/pan equal temperature and ensuring even cooking at its best.
Cast Aluminium:
Cast Aluminium can be moulded into a thick shape for the best heat distribution and retention, saving you energy and giving you excellent durability.

Press aluminium:
Press aluminium utilises compressive force to shape cookwear from a sheet of aluminium, the result is a rapidly heating product.
Iron is one of the best materials in terms of retention and heat distribution. It is an incredibly resistant material and a personal favourite of our professional chefs.
Anodized aluminium:
Anodized aluminium is a variant of hard aluminium; it is distinguished by a long service life and a high level of scratch resistance. This is undoubtedly the most durable material available in the industry.