Infinity Chefs

Boundless passion for the unlimited chef.

Photograph of Infinity Chefs

In order to guarantee safety to consumers and to improve information transparency, the Cook & Chef Institute chooses and recommends products which have previously been subject to a full and comprehensive audit by a committee of chefs from the Institute.


One of the collections that has received the Cook & Chef Institutes’ seal of quality is Infinity Chefs. The Infinity Chefs collection features a unique design with a copper-style finish, combining the best of the past with the present. Additionally, it can be called ‘complete’ given the quantity and variety of utensils included . It has also been rated highly professional thanks to the collections high performance and quality of its’ finishes.


Infinity Chefs uses two different materials, each granting the products distinct functions and adaptation qualities according to the various cooking tasks at hand.


The pots in this collection are stainless steel: a very long-lasting and wear-free material. Their aluminium bases provide very satisfactory heat conduction and are perfect for saucepans, pots and casserole pots. The frying pans, grills and woks are made of forged aluminium; which enables them to best distribute and retain heat. In addition, the collections products offer a QuanTanium non-stick layer which is the first and only multi-layer non-stick material containing a mixture of titanium particles.


Infinity Chefs’ scratch, abrasion and wear resistance exceeds all conventional non-stick coatings on the market. Infinity Chefs contains a 100% real full induction disc which allows direct heat distribution, and so minimizes the cooking time and energy cost foreachdish. Thecollectionisalsocompatiblewith100%of the Induction hobs on the market.


Lastly the collection offers a100% Cold Handle Technology, meaning that the handles of the pans, wok, grill and pots in the collection have a non-stick silicone coating, keeping it burn-free and non-slip. This ensures greater safety, whilst keeping a cool touch.