Diana Milena Rojas, Nutritionist, Dietician and food expert of Cook & Chef Institute gives us the keys to a balanced, varied and adequate diet.

Myths and realities about some drinks that you always find in the feeding
1. Does alcohol makes you fat?
The alcohol is the second food component that provides the most calories to the body. Only fat provides more calories. A glass of red wine, for example, is about 100 calories, that is, "6% of the total calories your body needs during a day". In addition, another problem of alcohol is that "it provides no vitamins, minerals or other components of interest."
2. Can you drink wine?
The calories of the wine and the calories of the beer are quite. So alcohol consumption is never recommended, even less if you are on diet. If you drink wine, it’s not advised to take more than one glass a day, which means 150 ml.
3. Drinks with low fat milk or plant milks 
Smoothies are very refreshing drinks and they provide numerous benefits to the body. However, a distinction must be made between the homemade smoothies from the ones sold in supermarkets.
The smoothies from the supermarket usually contain a high proportion if sugars that’s why it’s advised to make them by yourself. The drink, fruit or vegetable based, should be made with skim milk or almond milk. You can also add a sweet touch by adding some natural or artificial sweetener as stevia or sucralose.
4. Look carefully the calories from the “light” beverages 
You must know that a “light” product will not make you lose weight. The designation “light” just means that the drink or food contains at least 30% fewer calories than the regular product. This reduction will not always be a reduction of sugar but may be of another element such as sodium.
5. If you are of the people who are used to consume soda or juice bottle, Better try sparkling water
Sparkling water doesn’t contain sugar, what makes it a recommended drink for those who decide to eliminate soda and sugary drinks from their diet.
However, this drink doesn’t calm the hunger, water, sparkling or without gas can give a momentary feeling of satiety. However, this effect does not last long. You will just feel the full stomach for some time.
6. Drinks do not produce satiety
Hunger between meals is one of the most common problems of all the diet plans. Some decide to drink to calm the appetite for a while. It is recommended to take a hot drink to trick the stomach and make you feel full but ideally it should be accompanied by an integral carbohydrate or a portion of fruit + a portion of low-fat cheese. These products won’t only calm your hunger but they will also provide you vitamins and minerals.
7.  Coffee, did you know it doesn’t contain calories?
Black coffee is a drink that doesn’t provide calories. The only risk is to add other elements to it, it’s better to add skim milk and sweetener rather than sugar.
As a good adage goes “Pleasure can be found in variety”, become a critical consumer who knows and chooses the best for his health.

Diana Milena Rojas
Dietitian nutritionist
Master(c)  nutricion salud y actividad fisica (viu)
Nutrition coach, director nutryfi